OPI activities 2012


1. training activists in promoting integrity and anti-corruption

YOPI has implemented a 3-day training course for activists in the area of promoting integrity and addressing corruption as a self-funded project.  It targeted 15 activists of the youth belonging to a variety of youth organizations. The training aimed to educate them the concepts of anti-corruption, the basics of good governance and promoting the values ​​of integrity and transparency.

 2. A campaign Against extension of the mandate of SNACC's leadership

OPI organized an advocacy, mostly a media campaign, lobbying for abolition of the extension of the mandate of leadership of the Supreme National Authority for Combating corruption (SNACC)  as the president of Yemen proposed extending its term in contrary to the law No. 39, 2006 on anti-corruption that required to elect a new leadership for the body every five years. The President withdrew his proposal after OPI's campaign together with other NGOs effort, and called the Shura Council to open the door to run for membership of the body and to choose a new list submitted to the House of Representatives to elect 11 people representing the new leadership of the body.