Who we are?

Yemen Organization for Promoting Integrity (OPI)

Yemen Organization for Promoting Integrity (OPI) is a non-governmental and non-profit civil organization, established in Sana'a, February 2012, under a license No. (619) issued from Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.



The OPI concerned with promoting values of Integrity, Transparency and anti-corruption and enforcing good governance principles through campaigns, seminars, round table discussion, training courses, specialized manuals, studies, researches, reports, and printed and electronic newsletters and provide legal support for corruption victims.



Community without corruption.



To build a national integrity system.



  1. 1.Promoting and developing awareness of society on the importance of enhancing integrity and transparency principles. As well as, drawing the attention of citizens, youth particularly, civil society organizations and the media to the necessity of prevention and combating corruption.
  2. 2.Revealing corruption locations and circles to be identified and studied, as well as suggesting solutions and submitting them to the relevant authorities.
  3. 3.Supporting the implementation of anti-corruption agreements, for front the United Nations convention Against Corruption, making pressure to operate investigation and trials on corruption cases and restoring the public funds (Asset recovery) involved in corruption crimes.
  4. 4.Encouraging and developing integrity and transparency practices, promoting the right to access to information and freedom of its circulation and establishing basis of good governance principles through supporting democracy, accountability and oversight.
  5. 5.Monitoring and identifying the organizational and constitutional limitation in the system of accountability in the governmental and private institutions and the civil society organization.



OPI finances its activities relying on support of its founders and unconditional donations received from individuals and organizations to support achieving its goals and programs.


Organizational Structure:

  1. 1.Advisory body.
  2. 2.Head of the organization.
  3. 3.Board of Trustees.
  4. 4.The administrative and technical system


Advisory Board:

Consists of an unspecified number of experts and academic figures, political, social, legal and media interested in promoting the values of integrity, transparency and fight against corruption and establishing good governance. It is a supreme committee with the task of directing the organization and its public policy and evaluate its strategic plan and course of action



Head of the Organization:

Undertaking the executive management of the organization and representing the organization to foreign parties. The head the organization currently is Ahmed Alzekry


Board of Trustees:


The executive organ of the Organization, it is composed of five members, its duty is managing the organization's activities and affairs, and preparing a draft annual budget and final accounts of the organization as well as preparation of annual reports on the Organization's activities.


The administrative and technical system:

1 - Legal Support Unit.

2- Research and Development Unit.

3- Training and Rehabilitation Unit.

4- Communication and publication Unit.

5- Support and Advocacy Unit.

6- Monitoring and Documentation Unit.


OPI Membership and Partnership:

  1. 1.Transparency Coalition for Extractive Industries Watch (TCEI)
  2. 2.Yemeni Coalition for Transparency and anti-Corruption
  3. 3.OPI works in networking, connection and partnership with national and international civil society organizations and media to achieve common goals