OPI's Work Program

OPI's Work Program

Yemen Organization for Promoting Integrity (OPI) works on seven programs targeting the public and specific groups towards achieving its goals in promoting values of integrity, transparency, good governance and anti-corruption as follows:

1-    Development of the Good Governance

It works on creating and rising public awareness of the good governance through the organization of advocacy campaigns, seminars, discussion meetings, screenings, lectures, dissemination of periodic reports on corruption in Yemen, to study and analyze the national and international reports on anti-corruption and publish press releases and digests, as well as publications about international and regional conventions, initiatives and treats involved in combating corruption and the good governance.

OPI has implemented a media campaign in 2012 lobbying on opposition of the illegal extension of the leadership's term in office of the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption (SNACC), the campaign, alongside other supporting efforts of civil society, led to quit the leadership's mandate.

In partnership with the American Islamic Congress (AIC), OPI organized "Sana'a Human Rights Film Festival" in 4-5 March, 2013.


2-    Youth for Promoting Integrity

 It involves youth between 15-35 years in training programs concerned with corruption concepts, the anti-corruption machines, the measures of good governance and initiatives can be played..etc. It aims to develop youth engagement and activism and strengthen their roles and initiatives in promoting integrity values in the society. OPI seeks behind the program to the engagement of the public educational institutions and youth oriented communities for front the universities, the ministry of education and the ministry of youth...etc.

OPI has implemented a workshop for activists in the civil society organizations in Sana'a supporting the outcomes of the good governance group of the National Conference in 23-24 Nov. 2013. The activity was carried out under the project of Support of the Outcomes of National Conference and in partnership with the Yemeni Coalition for Transparency and Anti-corruption which was funded by RJP.


3-    Woman Against Corruption

It engages woman in specialized programs, guides, studies aiming at advocacy for woman participation in the political, social and economic life, as well strengthen their skills and enterprises in promoting the integrity and good governance in the society.

OPI is currently working on a project in partnership with MEPI with performance duration of one year (April, 2014- March, 2015). The project aims to support the woman's participation in making the political and economic decision. It is implementing in provinces of Taiz and Hodeida.


4-    Development of Democracy

It includes training courses, manuals, specialized reports, and legislation proposals, in addition to studies and research for enhancement of transparency and democratic practice, in the forefront of work to provide a conducive environment to free and fair elections, both legislative and practical performance. It focuses on political parties and state authorities involved in the promotion of democracy and in particular the Parliament, the Commission on Elections, Parties Affairs Committee, political organizations, civil society organizations, trade unions and professional associations working in the field of democracy.

In the framework of this program, OPI has implemented projects in 2013 dedicated to strengthen the transparency of political spending in Yemen in partnership with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) ended up drafting legal texts to enhance the transparency of electoral finance. It also has carried out an advocacy campaign targeting the parties and the government and parliament for implication of the draft texts in the election law as for anticipated amendments in the coming transitional term of Yemen.


5-    Media of Integrity

 It involves media practitioners and the media in training courses including guides designed to develop the skills of journalists about the corruption, mechanisms to combat it, the standards of good governance. It aims to strengthen their role in the monitoring and detection of corruption, and lobbying for anti-corruption. It includes a program to monitor and analyze the cases of corruption published by the media, and work to develop . OPI seeks through this program to work with official bodies, notably the Ministry of Information, as well as journalists' union.

OPI has implemented this program within a training course for journalists in the area of anti-corruption in 2012as a self-funded program.


6-    Partners in Community of Integrity

It targets the private sector, business stakeholders, and local authority, the governmental institutions specially the supervisory bodies under the framework of the national integrity system through specific training programs, preparation of studies, researches and manuals, monitoring reports and conduct codes enhancing the role and functioning of the above mentioned institutions in promoting integrity and anti-corruption as well empowering the people's watch on its performance.


7-    Legal Support of Corruption Victims

It aims at providing legal care and assistance to the victims of corruption. It includes organization of advocacy campaigns and lobbying on accountability and investigation in corruption cases and bringing defendants to the court, restoration of looted money and revenues resulted from the corruption crimes. The program seeks to engage official authorities, especially the Judiciary and parliament in addition to the syndicate of Lawyers.