The First Step

The First Step

Promoting the values of integrity is the best way to prevent corruption and protect the community from its risks

From this angle, our thinking in the establishment of Yemen Organization Integrity (OPI) begins.

After a period of consultation and feedback with concerned expertise and competences related to the idea, the course developed to the first practical step: recording the organization officially with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor under the number (619), launched in 3rd March, 2013 in Sana’a.

It was just a beginning toward achievement the establishment goals that back-to-back other activities in society should promote the values of integrity and transparency to reach a society free of corruption.

 There are many NGOs in Yemen; however the effective functional ones are about to be numbered, and it is not an exaggeration if would say that OPI is the first of its kind in Yemen in terms of focus on promoting integrity.  

Simply, the OPI is a civil non-profit and non-governmental organization concerned with promoting values of integrity, transparency, anti-corruption and the stabilizing the rules of good governance through campaigns, workshops, seminars, discussion meetings, training programs, specialized manuals, studies, research and electronic and printed newsletters..etc.

The OPI is keen on creating and enhancing effective partnership with other civil society organizations and initiatives, government institutions, national, regional and international counterparts and actors and the media to achieve its goals.



Mr. Ahmed al-Zekry