Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Yemeni Organization to promote integrity (YOPI)


YOPI was founded in February 2012 in order to promote integrity, transparency and good governance, with a promise of contributing together with the rest of the parties to the national system of integrity in Yemen in combating corruption, and to provide a firm platform for good governance to achieve the aspirations of the citizens in creating a civil state with a modern democratic instating justice and equality for all citizens and be an effective member in the regional and international community.

In order to achieve its objectives, it is imperative that the organization is committed to the values and principles related to good governance and democracy-based work efficiently and effectively in terms of safe performance of activities, the best use of financial resources, adequate management of the organization by its officials in a way by example in their application of the law and regulations, support, and commitment to business ethics of professional sound.

Therefore, the YOPI has prepared this code including standard ethics and regulations of professional conduct in the organization, define for the OPI's team in their deferent levels a set of values and rules of conduct and practices that should be followed during the performance of their duties at the by-between and relations with workers, beneficiaries, partners, the public and donors. What makes this code different from legal texts is that a moral voluntary obligation followed by the workers where conscience represents an effective internal control tool.

ü We, the OPI's team, believe that the essence of the OPI's work is to serve the community and empower it to actively participate in public affairs.

ü We emphasize that our performance in the OPI based on the guaranteed constitution, treaties and international agreements signed and ratified by Yemen.

ü We believe that the performance of this role requires a commitment to the principles and standards ensuring integrity, transparency and accountability in our work, to build bridges of trust between us, the citizens and the partners;

ü For this sake, we affirm our commitment to the rules of this conduct in order to promote the proper functioning of the organization and the safe practice, and to be fair and transparent in the principles of good governance.

General Principles

This code is based on four basic principles for the ethical conduct of the employee during the performance of duties, namely:

1. respect for the law: abide by the legal rules organizing the work.

2. Integrity: promote the general interest of the community by not granting any illegal preferential treatment for any group or individual, discriminate against any group or individual, or abuse of authority for special interests, and a commitment to the primacy of public interest on personal interest when a potential conflict between these interests emerged.

3. Transparency: to provide and ensure access to information related to the performance and policies of the organization easily without contradicting with the principles of the law.

4. Performance efficiently and effectively: the performance of duties diligently and efficiently and strive to provide service to citizens with high quality, and to ensure that public money is not wasted or abused. 

Objectives of the Code:

1. Define the standards of conduct and ethics desired and expected by the OPI's employees

2. Publicize behavior desired and expected by the staff

3. Promotion of professional standards and ethics, and to provide a model for other NGOs.

4. Maintain mutual trust among the citizens, employees of the organization and the different partners and stakeholders.

The duties of OPI's leadership

1. adopt a code of conduct, promote and educate the work team in various functional levels for its adherence .

2. commitment to develop the team of organization through training to enhance their abilities and raise their efficiency, as well as to provide a suitable environment for the work's team, overheads and catalytic impact contributing in the promotion of employee's loyalty to the organization as an institution.

3. determine levels of administration of the organization, functions of the sections, employees and the job description, the limitations of responsibilities, the relationship among the various departments in the organization, and the scope of supervision, oversight and accountability.

4. adopt policies ensuring the preservation of citizen's rights to get equal opportunities in the organization's activities, away from any special considerations.

5. provide programs assuring people's participation, cultural and religious diversity, specificity of women, youth and marginalized groups, and taking into account the views and evaluation of the partners about the OPI's work for the sake of its development.

6. commitment to a clear and declared policy to receive public complaints and deal with them effectively.

7. provide the possibility for citizens' access to information about the performance of the organization through easy procedures easy and declared, as well as to release the accounting reports of the organization on its own domain annually.

8. Maintain cooperative and participatory relationships with other counterpart CSOs and NGOs, official institutions, private sector, the media and donors to serve the public interest.

Rules for the behavior of workers and volunteers

1. I respect the work schedules, and interested to perform my work accurately and faithfully, impartially free of any considerations may disturb my job.

2. I abide by behavioral values of integrity, and I do all the duties validated by the nature of my work and valid laws and regulations.

3. I am keen to develop my abilities and educational and practical qualifications, seeking to get the necessary information and skills which enable me to do the work required to be better.

4 I will e careful not to approach any kind of prejudice that may violate the dignity of my job.

5. I inform my administrations immediately of any breach or charge or request to come to the court or other legal and judicial prosecution, except with regard to the personal simple incidents in which not to be the defendant and does not affect my reputation or in the course of my work.

6. I use the available resources at my disposal to perform the overall objectives and only in the area allocated to, and to safeguard the public funds and to be property used during functioning of my duties and my job.

7. I ensure the delivery of services to the public in a neutral away free of partisan or fanaticism effects and special interests.

8 I am careful not to use the information that I get during my job or when I leave the job to achieve illegal interests.

9 I am careful not to exploit my job to achieve my personal interests, relative or partisan or for illegal gains.

10. I commit to disclose any conflict of interest while taking any decision, committed to withdraw from the process with respect to any issue where conflicts arise between the interests of the institution and any personal interests.

11. I respect the administrative hierarchy in my functional contacts, implement orders and instructions in the limits of the laws and regulations in force.

12. I treat my colleagues with respect and consideration, and I am ready to work as a team member in the organization.

13. I respect all laws, regulations and instructions issued, and to urge citizens to follow.

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