OPI launches Women's Network to Promote Integrity in Taiz and Hodeida

opihodaidah~1Yemen Organization for Promoting Integrity (OPI) launched the “Women's Network to Promote Integrity in Taiz and Hodeidah”.

The network was announced at a workshop in Hodeida province under a training program carried out by OPI targeting thirty women in the two provinces in partnership with MEPI, to support the participation of women in political and economic decision in Yemen.


Woman participants involved in the training approved a regulation of the network and elected leadership committees in the two provinces, in preparation for setting-out activities that support the participation of woman in anti-corruption, especially with regards to the political decision in the coming election in accordance with the outcomes of National Dialogue Conference, which approved granting women 30% in the elected bodies.


The graduates have elected management body of the network in the province of Hodeida, headed by Iman Azazi, and the membership of both Hayat al-Hakimi and Aisha al-Rai, as well they elected another management body of the network in the province of Taiz, headed Ilham Maqtari, and the membership of both Fikra Mahmoud and Amal Muhammed al-Sabri.


The participant discussed reports on corruption issues in their communities produced by them after they received OPI’s training in corruption and mechanisms of combating, monitoring and documenting the cases of corruption in addition to training topics including effective skills of communication and advocacy, and the use of social media in advocacy and anti-corruption.